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My Approach

My approach to creating and sharing abstract art is a very different one.  I encourage people to have a multi-sensory experience when engaging with my work. I invite viewers to explore the rich textures of my paintings using their sense of touch; to rotate the pieces to view different perspectives; and observe the colours of my paintings change, not only with each rotation but also with the varying light that shines upon them.

I am a firm believer that abstract art, and art in general, should be inclusive, and not exclusive; this is reflected in my approach.

Old Royal Naval College Workshop

In Collaboration with Furrah Syed

The Old Royal Naval College presents this unique opportunity to explore the shapes and hues of the Painted Hall’s magnificent ceilings and walls through the sense of touch with Furrah Syed, artist and educator.

Participants are invited to explore the Hall’s English Baroque colour scheme and style via four specially commissioned textured paintings based on the shapes and tones to be found throughout this extraordinary space. This immersive workshop follows an audio-described tour of the Painted Hall itself.

Furrah Syed specialises in making art accessible to blind and partially sighted people.

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ATOS Exhibition

London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Liverpool

The Atos Art Exhibition brings together renowned multi-discipline artists from the past 50 years to demonstrate their ongoing creativity. Featuring artists producing super-black pigments, sculptures that draw pollution from the air, and innovations in computing and 3D visualization. These events proved to be an empowering playground designed to explore how cutting-edge art materials and thought processes are inspiring new ideas for the future of Industry.

Take a journey. Imagine the possibilities through art; transform & accelerate with reliability.

Furrah was invited to participate in this innovative exhibition which toured across a number of ATOS office locations, from London to Chicago, then Amsterdam and finished off in Liverpool.  Her abstract piece ‘Anastasia’ (acrylic on canvas, 152 cm x 91cm x 4cm) formed part of the collection of works on display from 30 artists.  Furrah also collaborated with ATOS in delivering her ‘Art Appreciation Workshop for the Blind and Partially Sighted’ at their London office.

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About the ATOS Exhibition

Meet the Artist

Upcoming Event

Thames-Side Studios Open Studios 2022

Saturday 25th June 2022, 12-6pm


The Thames-side Studios’ annual Open Studios will take place on Sat 25th June 2022, 12-6pm.

Thames-Side Studios is the largest single-site studio provider in the UK. With over 500 studios it is home to an impressive array of artists, makers and designers and this much anticipated annual event is a unique opportunity to meet them, talk about what they do, and to buy directly from their studios.

Events will include workshops, children’s activities, circus arts, demonstrations and exhibitions throughout the day.

Food and drink will be available for purchase on site, and there will be limited parking.

Thames-Side Studios, Harrington Way, Warpsite Road, Royal Borough of Greenwich, London SE18 5NR

Public Transport:  Bus 472, 161, 180, 177   |  Rail Woolwich Dockyard / Charlton   |  Tube North Greenwich
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Upcoming Event

Art Retreat in Corfu

11th to 18th September, 2021


Join me in the Greek island of Corfu for an engaging, immersive, and multi-sensory Art Experience at the at the stunningly beautiful and exclusive Courti estate. This week-long retreat will facilitate guests to channel their inner artist and explore their creativity in a multi-sensory way using touch, texture, colour, and energy.

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Feeling Anxious and Stressed?


Wellness Driven Life Show Podcast

Unmasking the Mysteries of Auras & Colour Energy with Furrah Syed

Step into an electrifying journey with artist and colour energy specialist Furrah Syed! Discover the captivating world of auras, the vibrant energies we exude, and their intriguing colours.

Explore how Furrah ‘reads’ these unique colour compositions to create personalized art pieces. Learn how she defies the norms and empowers those without sight to feel the colour energies physically! Unravel the magic of art and colour energy with Furrah.

The podcast will be broadcast on the Wellness Driven Life Show channel on You Tube on 10 February 2024.

Selected Works

Collaborative Project


Unable to get to my studio during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, I wanted to explore how I could still connect with other creatives and engage them in a collaborative project.  The concept was quite simple …

–  I invite a poet to respond to one of my abstract paintings in the form of a poem

–  Reciprocally, I respond to one of their poems in the form of an abstract painting

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Why should Art be only for those who can see?  What would it be like for someone to engage with my works using only their sense of touch? Can I use Art to break down cultural & social barriers?

These questions inspired me to devise and develop my ‘Art Appreciation Workshop for the Blind and Visually Impaired’ and led me on a journey to make art accessible for all.

Furrah Syed Art Workshop - Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney, Australia

Arts & Culture Network (ACN)

Interview with ACN Founder

Furrah is a full and active member of the Arts and Culture Network which is an incredible global community of professionals in the creative industry who are shaping the future of the arts together.  She regularly participates in community activities and has helped many other creatives to network and collaborate with each other.

Here is one of her interviews with the founder of the ACN, Mark Walmsley FCIM FRSA AGSM.

Available for Commissions




When Furrah revealed this piece to me I could feel my eyes well up. My youngest, said ‘wow!’ and my eldest dropped his jaw to the floor. What Furrah has captured is really hard to describe in words. But imagine when you just hear the lines in your favourite song, or close a book after reading it and think to yourself ‘oh my,’ or when you read a poem and it pulls on your heart strings. That’s the closest I can come to describing the magnitude of this beauty. One of my favourite things about this piece is the way Furrah managed to capture all the colours of my logo so effectively. I’ll never get bored of this timeless gem. Thank you Furrah for your insight and talent.

Rash Thiruudaian, London, Private Collector

I am so happy to own one of Furrah Syed’s paintings, which has pride of place in my lounge. The way it reflects the light and gleams is amazing and I often rotate the painting so that I can see it from a new perspective. What is so unique about Furrah’s work is the way that the luscious textures and rich, gleaming colours come together to create a masterpiece. Visitors often say how much they like it and ask me about it. I would like to buy more of Furrah’s work, as her own passion for art really comes through in her paintings and I love the colours and textures she uses. Thank you Furrah!

Julie Hinkley, London, Private Collector

Furrah Syed is a very enthusiastic and engaging instructor.  Her workshop is interesting and provides many discussion points as well as giving the opportunity to be creative.  The participants themselves enjoyed the workshop with some being particularly rewarded by the canvas exploration and the colour recognition.

Clare Willcox, Manager of Public Programs, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

I love the painting with its vibrant use of colours. The textures give the impression of movement, and every time you look at the painting you see something new in it. It is the centrepiece of our home.

S. Palejwala, Bahrain, Private Collector

Ms. Syed is a committed and experienced artist as well as an excellent facilitator.  She has brought new ideas of art appreciation and creation to the people with visual impairment , which was an interesting experience for our participants.  All of them enjoyed the workshops and we all look forward to arranging other sessions with Ms. Syed.

Stella Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Blind Union

We have been the lucky owners of one of Furrahs art pieces since we met whilst living in India in 2006. Although the piece can be hung on all sides, as soon as I saw it I imagined a figure sitting quietly by the side of a lake, peaceful and calm. One of my favourite pictures to look at as it is painted mainly in greens and blues and invokes a lovely uplifting feeling of summer.

Cheryl & Mike Said, Paris, Private Collectors