This was my second time exhibiting in the ‘Threads’ show with the Artists Pool at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch.

The purpose of this annual show is a celebration of women and each year ‘Threads’ hosts various events centred around the theme of ‘Women’s History Month’.  As always, there was a wonderful group of amazing artists who came together giving visitors a great showcase of talent from a multitude of art disciplines.

The Private View evening was very busy, the whole night had a great buzz and as always we were there way past closing time chatting to friends old and new.

I noticed that there was a huge increase in awareness of ‘Women’s History Month’  in comparison to last year.  Could the whole Harvey Weinstein saga, which resulted in the ‘Me Too’ campaign going viral, have anything to do with the awareness of what a lot of women have – and sadly – continue to be subjected to?

I exhibited two pieces which were very different in styles; Astrid (oil on canvas) and Hestia (acrylic on canvas). These can be viewed in my portfolio section of the website.

The following is a segment of my artists statement for the exhibition:

Energy is the primary fascination in my practice.  I believe that women have a beautiful energy that exists on a multifaceted platform and emits power beyond recognition. My canvases depict flows of energy that are sourced from deep within my emotional core. The energy is unhindered and uninhibited.

Love and light to all xx