Having been searching for the last 12 months for a studio space, it was very hard to deal with the fact that I couldn’t find anything in North London that was suitable. I needed a place to work as well as store my paintings, canvases and various other materials and equipment.

I came across my current studio online a few months ago and, although it sounded like the ideal size, it was miles away. How would I be able to get to Greenwich from Enfield to create art whenever I needed to?

So I went to have a look with really just curiosity in my mind as this was a huge artist’s site consisting of 450 artists’ studios. I wanted to see what the place was all about.

It is massive- a 7 acre site, and one of the largest artist and crafts maker community in the UK. The site is right on the River Thames with great views, a huge gallery, a lovely café and many other interesting businesses on site. Then there were the many, many artists’ studios.

The space in the studio was interestingly laid out over three floors. It did fit the bill with regards to my storage and work needs and the light was good. It was an easy decision to make once I had seen the studio and got my head around the unique setting it was in.

The move was done in various stages. I first prepared for the annual Open Studios event (see blog), moving in just paintings and various bits to make the place welcoming to the visitors and having work on display.

Once the Open Studios event was over, after four days in total, I braced myself for the big move.

The majority of my move was from my storage unit to the studio. I had to hire a van as well as do many separate trips in my car. It was hard but well worth it, as once I did a clear out of the stuff I no longer needed, it felt really great to have a studio again.

The community at Thames-Side studios is a very friendly one; there are lots of artists to talk to from varied backgrounds. It has been great to find out about other artists’ practices and what they are up to.

There are also various community events going on which are interesting to go to.

I am so pleased I found this place, it’s very special.